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Monday, February 6, 2012

My 1st 2-Week Menu Plan

As I mentioned in my goals post, I'd like to eventually have a month-long menu plan. My intermediary step is a 2-week menu plan. I keep finding that I'd plan a week, buy groceries and then be scrounging for the next week until our next payday. Silly me!

I thought it'd be more difficult to coordinate a 2-week plan but all I did was go through my recipe binder and list some of the tried and true recipes as well as some of the recipes I've been meaning to try. From the list, I plopped meals here and there on my menu planner,* trying to space out meats (ie. beef vs chicken vs vegetarian) and genres (ie. Mexican vs Italian vs other) adequately.

*I usually use a paper that includes days of the week as well as a shopping list section before transferring it to the menu plan chalkboard in my pantry.

Sunday (yesterday) - Chickpea and Tomato Curry -- It was filling and tasted good but I'm not sure if I would make it again.

Monday (today) - Mexican Chicken Casserole -- This was a family hit the first time I made it but not so popular with the kiddies the second time I made it. Despite this, I'm going for it a third time!

Tuesday (Feb 7) - Quinoa Burgers -- This is a first-time try-out but I've heard great things from friends.

Wednesday (Feb 8) - Better-than-Ever Beef Enchiladas -- This is tried and true!

Thursday (Feb 9) - Cheesy Sausage Pasta -- A new one.

Friday (Feb 10) - Broccoli Quinoa Casserole -- Another newbie.

Saturday (Feb 11) - Frozen Pizza (I work during the day)

Sunday (Feb 12) - Taco Twist Bake -- A new try, though I won't be using ground turkey.

Monday (Feb 13) - Crockpot Chicken -- An easy go-to recipe.

Tuesday (Feb 14) - Best Ever Meatloaf -- A new recipe. I realized as I was typing this that this is Valentine's Day, though I sincerely doubt we'll be doing anything to celebrate it. If, by some miracle, we find a 'sitter and head out for dinner, this will still be what the kids are having for dinner.

Wednesday (Feb 15) - Pizza Quesadillas -- This is an easy tried-and-true and the kids never seem to tire of pizza.

Thursday (Feb 16) - Nacho Mac and Cheese -- Tried and true.

Friday (Feb 17) - Tater Tot Casserole -- A family-friendly go-to recipe.

Saturday (Feb 18) - Frozen Pizza