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Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Organization Goals

I always wondered if people ACTUALLY set goals around New Year. I recall doing so as a family growing up (and highly recommend this!) but having been on my own, then married and now with children, I've only thought about goals in general and haven't really made specific goals.

This year, perhaps as a result of my organization kick, I wrote down some goals using the following categories:
  1. Home
  2. Family
  3. Personal
I thought I would share my Home goals here to help myself with accountability, or maybe so that when I accomplish a goal, I can give myself a high-five.

  • Go from weekly menu planning to a monthly menu plan with open days to try new recipes.
  • One of the biggest changes that my husband and I have been dreaming of is moving our computer/home office area OUT of our bedroom. We've been waiting to either get a new computer case that enables us to lock out little fingers or for our youngest child to be old enough to leave things alone. We should be able to accomplish BOTH this year and so we will be rearranging our loft area to accommodate our home office.
  • Once our computer area has been removed from our bedroom, we have plans to change the configuration. Will be interesting to see before and after!
  • Finish organizing my craft room. I have been doing bits here and there and haven't been crafting a whole lot as a result.
  • Finish organizing the master closet. We can't afford to redo closet shelving but I have been working around this and am nearing completion.
  • Hang photos/art/printable decor. I have soooo many framed pieces that are waiting for a place to call home within my home.... This year, they will be hung!
  • With my youngest daughter getting older, I am hoping to move her and her sister together this year! This will give their brother his own space.
  • Finish organizing the laundry room. I organized part of the laundry room as seen here but have more to go.
  • Organize the basement! This is a big one and while I have been getting rid of boxes and the contents of some bins over the last couple of months, there's still a ways to go.
  • Finish organizing the linen closet. I've taken a few steps here but would like to get it done.
  • Window treatments! We've been in our home for 4 years now and still have paper blinds in the windows. Our goal this year is to get blinds or rollers or drapes or a combination thereof for the master bedroom and the children's bedrooms.
  • Organize piano music. I currently have all my book and sheet music in upright magazine holders and it's hardly a desirable solution. I plan on purchasing binders and more page protectors to take care of this job!
Well, that's about it for organization goals. I have a few projects on my Personal list but nothing too interesting.


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