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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kiddy Drawer Organization, Part 1

I have to do this post in two parts simply because I need to buy more drawer organizers after Christmas. ;)

I'm so fortunate as to have an IKEA in my city! That being said, I try not to go there very often because I can always spend money there. After browsing the IKEA catalog, however (dangerous!), I had to get these drawer organizers:

I've seen them around before, of course, but I didn't want to buy them without a visualization of where they would go. Well, the kids' dresser drawers were desperate!

I didn't take "before" pictures but let's just say EVERYTHING was a-jumble. Finding socks and underwear was tedious, at best.

Here are two of their "new" drawers.  ;)

I still stop short of folding underwear, but everything else is in order! (If you're curious as to why my little guy has two types of underwear, it's because he recently underwent a procedure that requires him to wear briefs, though he usually wears the boxer briefs.)

I got purple organizers for my daughter:

There are only 6 organizers per set and the space in their drawers called for 7 and so they each got a small box from Mommy's set.

I definitely need to get more of these! The kids each have another drawer and my own drawers are, as yet, incomplete.


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