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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kitchen Reorg: Baking Cupboard

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Since baking is something I do a lot of (I consider pancakes and waffles baking, but I also love my desserts!), I wanted to use some of my prime kitchen real estate to make my baking supplies more accessible to me.

I had my baking supplies divided between here in the kitchen...


...and here in the pantry (top shelf as well as bottom shelf)...


I found that I was going between both places rather too frequently. The big flour bins are fine where they are (you can see my pantry after pictures here) but the rest? Rather inaccessible.

So I took over the cupboard next door to my baking cupboard, which is above where my baking cups/spoons and Kitchen Aid mixer are...

Cupboard before:

...and created a baking station!

I can't wait to get a few more Modular Mates (Tupperware)! They're so marvelous for decanting and organizing baking supplies, not to mention keeping them fresher longer!


Sabrina said...

A Baker's dream cupboards! Looks great Dana. Nice to have the room to do that with.

Dia Dean said...

I love it! This was my motivation to set up my I own. It's pretty sweet baking station but I have way too many cookie cutters and they were all in one big container. That made it so hard to find the cutter we needed. I have them sorted in baggies by type/holiday but I'd like a more permanent solution. Shrug.

Dana said...

Hmmm, if you have room in a cupboard for storing cookie cutters, why not try a little plastic drawer unit like the one Toni uses for her desk supplies here? Well, she uses 2 3-drawer things but I use 1 5-drawer thing myself and would recommend something like that, labeled by holiday, for your cookie cutters! ;)

Skylar Cox said...

Couldn’t be more obvious that you LOVE baking! You have everything you need in your cupboard. =D Make sure all baking supplies, such as the flour and sugar, are well-stored in the containers so that it won’t attract house pests.

Skylar Cox

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