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Monday, December 5, 2011

Kitchen Reorg: Serving Dishes and Plasticware

  • For my pantry reorg post (lots of kitchen pics!), please go here.

I had two lovely cupboards of wasted space. Before I took pictures, I decided to clear out my rarely used "special occasion" dishes and donate them to a friend so they don't look as bad as they used to... Actually, maybe they're worse! As soon as space opened up, everything spread! ;)

Here is cabinet 1:


And cabinet 2:


I was able to combine my frequent use items and serving dishes into one cabinet (the first one).


There is plenty of space for another shelf above, though I don't have one and don't really need one at this point of time.

I did add a label for the colander since my husband never seems to know where it goes... ;)

I might have started going label-happy at that point (love it!) but I ran out of label tape!  ;)

The rest of my serving dishes are up in my pantry.

I moved the plastic bowls from my cupboards to a drawer that had previously been full of infrequently used plastic.

Here is a before of my plasticware drawer:


 The white bins were purchased at a local dollar store.

I cleared out my lunch dishes and small containers and put them where my dishcloths used to be:



Another dollar store bin here. This area is much more accessible to where we make lunches.

(To see how I've organized my kiddy plasticware, see here.)

All of my produce and freezer plasticware is now being stored in the laundry room (not yet completed):



I did remove my vacuum for a better After pic. ;)  More handy dollar store bins. Could probably still use a little work... I am storing my reusable grocery bags and extra lunch bags in that bottom bag.

(You can find out where my table linens went here.)

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Sabrina said...

Wow! Big change. so, does the label help Shawn? I can see where wanting to label everything is tempting. Looks great, Dana.

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