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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kitchen Reorg: Spices, Oils and Vinegars

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I'll start with the cupboard above the stove because it is the least exciting.


The vent from over my stove takes up a good portion of the cupboard and limits the lone shelf placement. It leaves the perfect height, however, for tall vinegars and baking sprays.


The very top shelf is now housing infrequently used baking items.

My spices were one of the most bothersome things about my kitchen. I had them spread out above the stove (see top photo), beside the stove...

(The medicines have been moved to a different location and will be covered in a future post.) well as throughout the pantry (2nd shelf from the top in the photo and the side rack)!


My goal, obviously, was to group like with like. No more side trips!


Of all my new cupboards, my spices got the most new organizing tools. Lazy susans were essential and I didn't have any! I had hunted for them at Walmart and Canadian Tire with no success. Then someone in the class forum (for more about my kitchen organization course, see my pantry post) mentioned that they buy their lazy susans at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Well, we just happen to have a couple of those in Calgary! After taking my first serious look through the store (I had been there previously to look at bedding), I came to the realization that I was in HEAVEN!! Organization tools I had yet to fathom were found! Of course, I will have to pace myself but BB&B is my new fav store!

Anyway, these lazy susans and extra shelf fit my cupboard PERFECTLY! (Of course, in order to get that shelf in at the top, I had to take off the cupboard door. It's snug but I got it in!!  ;)  )  It doesn't really look pretty, but I SMILE every time I open this door.  lol!

I also have a spice inventory that isn't pictured. I haven't decided yet where I'm going to keep my inventories.


Aby said...

Wow - your kitchen looks fantastic! Nice job!!

Sabrina said...

Fantastic! You must be feeling quite proud of your many organizational projects you've completed so far. I'm excited for you. Wish I could go to BB&B with you! Looking great!

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