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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Master Closet: Interim

When I wrote this post, I previewed my bedroom closet which was a complete disgrace.

(that drawer, incidentally, has since been completed!)

Here is how it looks after a trip to IKEA:

My husband's side of the closet (he still needs a tie rack of some sort):

My side of the closet:

 My jewellery finally has a home!:

I'd still like to do this for my earrings:

Or this for all my smaller jewellery:

(medicine organizer)

And something like this for my belts:

The reason I labeled this an "interim" project, is because I'd like to raise the row of shelving from the center of the back wall to be flush with the side wall shelving, as demonstrated in my crude closet plan below.


Sabrina said...

Looking good, Dana! You must be feeling happy about it all.

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