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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Desk Drawer

Our desk drawers are catch-alls for desk paraphernalia, aka junk drawers.

I turned my deepest desk drawer into wonderfully organized desk storage! It's a small project but it makes me happy and gets me that much closer to organizational bliss.

I forgot a before pic (again!) but here is all the junk that was piling up in the drawer:

I have an idea as to where I will be putting this, but for now, it is stacked on top of our computer hutch.

I'm still happier.

Here is the drawer now:

 Page protectors, address labels, printer paper and photo paper (2 sizes). It all fits perfectly!

Who knows, I may decide sometime in the future that this space is better used in some other way, but for now, those items have a home!


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