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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Dishes and a Cupboard Reorg

I've been a busy, busy, busy bee! Hooray!

And a little bit naughty.

I bought new dishes.

The old ones were driving me nuts!

They were heavy, dark, bulky and square-ish which made it very difficult to fit the bowls in the dishwasher.


But the new ones were only $20 a box at Costco...

Surely I will be forgiven!!

Being new at documenting organization projects, I didn't take a before picture.  :(  I really didn't think that my changes would make a very big difference in appearance, but they did!!

Here is what my "new" cupboard looks like:

Those who have seen the old cupboard will surely agree that the dishes were a superb investment.


I think I'll move that top shelf down a bit. Will make those fabulous blown glass dessert cups more accessible. If I had an extra shelf, I'd add it to the top, but I don't...  :(  Looks kind of bare up there! Perhaps I can find one of those wire shelves that rests on the shelf below it...

I put the bottle of kid vitamins in with the dishes so that we will remember to disburse them! A fabulous tip I found on the web somewhere.

One project that I think I would eventually like to do is to put decorative paper behind the shelves (a project that I saw here and here)... Would def add interest and class!!


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