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Monday, October 3, 2011

Not Another Blog!

Over the course of the last three years, I've created at least 7 blogs for myself, one or two for others and contribute(d) to several more. A few of these have fallen by the wayside and yet I decided it was time to create yet another blog.

This {IRL} blog is to document my journey through creating a more organized family, home and life. All of the above are currently in a state of chaotic day-to-day survival and I mean to change that!

If you are looking to do the same for yourself, I recommend the following:
  1. Education!
    • Follow some organizing blogs. This is what got me interested in getting organized in the first place! Ones that I particularly enjoy are:
    • Identify areas you'd like to organize. Pretty much everything for me! Each room in my house needs attention, not to mention my paper clutter! I'm going to establish a cleaning regimen and I want to work menu planning into my routine, thus organizing my time/grocery trips and taking the stress out of every day/evening!
    • Get some free downloads. Some that I enjoy can be found on:
    • Since magazines cost money and add clutter, I prefer to use Pinterest, Google/Google Images and Etsy to find pictures of organizing ideas/solutions. I also evaluate organizing printables to help me come up with a solution for myself. My spreadsheets will definitely not be as attractive as what is out there but should work for me! (I still ended up buying this and this.)
    • There are so many books out there! I haven't had time or the inclination (beyond putting this book on hold at the library) to read up on this. Instead, I signed up for a couple of online courses at Simplify 101! (So excited to have found this place!) Organizing 101 and Organize Your Paper Clutter lessons have constituted my very informative reading. (I do not recommend taking more than one course at a time!)
  2. Action!
    • Evaluate where you are and where you'd like to be. I envision order and peace; a place for everything and everything (sometimes) in its place! (This IS real life after all!)
    • Don't scare yourself off with the time factor. Aby suggests starting with only 15 minutes each day to declutter. Things will start changing! Things will start getting easier! (That, in my mind, is a sign that it's time to find your next area of attack!)
    • It's okay if you fall off the wagon! Just be sure to get right back up! That's how habits are formed... Doggone persistence. Or necessity (like breathing). Or both!
    • If you are a perfectionist (thank goodness that I am not hardly am!), you will need to tell yourself that it doesn't all have to be perfect NOW... or even ever! Take a relaxed, but determined, approach.
My tendency is to jump in to new projects with both feet but I can be easily discouraged/deflated. I want to keep my motivation (and action) high! My hope is that this blog will help to keep me accountable. I will be able to see the progress that I am making in my life, even if it seems to be taking FOR-EVER!


    The Doodler said...

    Hi Dana! Thanks so much for all your kind comments on my blog, they completely made my day! I'm glad you found some fun things to use. Did you want me to send you the original file for the ABC book?

    I also have to say that your post about starting 7 or so different blogs made me laugh. I've done the same thing! Oh well, eventually we get it figured out right? I'm now following your new adventure, good luck!

    Brie from

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